Chaotic Stupid at Gen Con

Chaotic Stupid plays Kingdom Death


Join us at Gen Con 2019, over twelve events and 36 hours as we try to survive.

Who are we?


Chaotic Stupid is an upcoming YouTube content group, playing though various games and offering tips and strategy to overcome their obstacles.

Where to find us


Our games will all be held in Lucus Oil Stadium; Stadium Black 10.

What to Expect

One Continuous Game


Players will take part in a full Kingdom Death game, sitting in on a three hour window (roughly two lantern years) of gameplay; the CS crew acting as GMs to facilitate rules. 

Core Game


Gameplay will include all the encounters provided within the core Kingdom Death: Monster box, should survivors survive to reach them.

Game Over


If the settlement crumbles, a new game will pickup where the old left off; the remaining events pressing forward in an attempt to complete the game.

Triumph over the Darkness


Should the settlement survive the odds, a new game will be started immediately to ensure maximum play time for all event goers.

Fully Immersive Experience


Being avid hobbyists as well as gamers,. fully 3D customized boards and painted minis will provide visual immersion into the world of Kingdom Death

Contact Us

Questions about the events? Contact us here or through the Gen Con Website.

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