As 2017 rolls through into its second half, I thought it appropriate to start something that, at this point, can seem as dead as the newspaper. I’ve blogged before, on different sites and about different subjects, most reading more like a Facebook wall than anything else. Who doesn’t want to read about my top five favorite bands or how President ______ is ruining everything, after all?

This time, it is different.

I have been painting for what seems my whole life. I started back in the late 90’s when some friends and I picked up Warhammer 40,000 from a small little hobby store in the midst of a flea market. I quickly became hooked, painting up the marines and orks that came in the box. The others, while enthusiastic at first, eventually dwindled away; each a different reason than the other. I maintained, though not without my own lapse from time to time. My painting was a sporadic endeavor, lasting for a couple of years at a time before hibernating.  By the time I would restart, any muscle memory or skill I had learned before was gone. I would relearn what was lost just in time to stop again.

This time, it’s different.

It started with Bloodbowl. I had lost 99% of my hobby supplies and miniatures in a flood three years ago and the idea of getting back into the swing of things seemed very daunting. I really felt the urge to paint, however, and the new edition of Bloodbowl was my foot in the door. I started buying all the teams, and of course the colors needed to paint them, logging all of it on my Twitter account. Gradually I started eyeing the 40k line, once more. I would look over the orks before talking myself out of them, using polls to steer me away; at this point I think I technically owe my followers an Emperor’s children and a Vostroyan army. I even started a test miniature for my paint scheme for Vostroyans before realizing I could not shake what I really wanted to do; Orks. Not just any…they had to be Freeboota Orks. This project, coupled with a dreadnought done up for a charity raffle, saw me painting and modeling every night for hours; even longer on the weekend.

This time it is different

It isn’t just something to keep telling myself to stay focused. I am in a place where I am enjoying the hobby more than I have since the first day we cracked open the Second Edition starter box, over two decades before. It is more serious this time, with more skill involved then I was ever able to acquire. I keep pushing myself more and more, and have befriended others who help push me to learn new things and make each model better than the last.

It is different…

and I am glad to be able to share it all with whoever comes to read and learn about it.