dead1.jpgNot all that long ago, I decided I wanted to test myself and do a project from the ground up; sculpt, base, and paint. I had joined the #boxofmanythings, on twitter, and in my search for something to give my person of the month, I decided this would be a great opportunity to do just that. I decided to do a chibi Deadpool for a few reasons. I had recently become more interested in modeling and painting chibis, I like Deadpool, and I found a cute image as my inspiration, when deciding on what to do.

I started with chibi1.jpgsome cardboard from a games-workshop box (lizardmen stegadon, to be exact) and some greenstuff. I folded the cardboard into an L to form the ground and wall behind him, and then set the blob of greeenstuff down in the shape of a Y. Once down, I shaped I to form the feet, legs and a portion of the belly before smoothing out all the imperfections (and my finger prints).

My tools at this point were my exacto knife and my coulour shapers. the chisel and taper points came in handy throughout this entire project to help smooth the body.



After letting the legs dry overnight, I came back to continue. Forming a U shape of greenstuff, I set it down over the upper torso section. I then added more greenstuff, building up the belly a little more (for the extra pudge) and added the utility belt. My trusty pin helped in making the Deadpool symbol on his belt buckle. The rest was finger formed and smoothed out by colour shapers.



Day three saw the head come into place. another big blob of greenstuff, rolled into a ball, was set onto his shoulders. A small piece was stuck on the end to form the excess cloth on his mask. Using a mix of pin, exacto knife and shapers, I made the eyes and mask markings, as well as the black outline on his suit (not shown). Small bits of greenstuff were flattened and cut into triangles to form the flaps on his ammo packs; a small ball rounded and pressed ito each to form the button. Brass rod was shoved right through the head, with a suction cup sculpted around it. Day four saw the addition of basing material (Citadel Armageddon dusk) and the cinder blocks/bricks formed. Hardboard from the same box as the base was cut into strips before segmenting each into small rectangles and fit to the back.

The piece was painted using a Khorne>mephiston>wild rider red progression for the suit. The brick was done with dark reaper>eschin>dawnstone progression. I added spray cans made from ork skikkbombs after freehanding the lovenote from Wade onto the brick.