Welcome back to the world of speed freaks! Last write-up saw the building process for my Bloody Skull Boyz come to a conclusion. I still need to paint them up however, and with my escalation league starting yesterday (as of writing this), I can say that I met my deadline! So, before I move into building, and doing WIP write-ups, for the next 250 points, here is what went into painting these boyz up.

IMG_0088.jpgSkin on the trukk boyz was done with an ink and then a series of washes. Anything with ork skin on it received a corax white spray primer coat. Once primed, I used yellow ink (from the old GW hex pots), agrax earthshade, riekland fleshshade, and then two coats of biel tan green. The bottom lips were screamer pink, pink horror, and then fulgrim pink. To emphasize the ridged lip look, I left the previous layer showing in recesses (sometimes creating my own “recess” for the look), almost dotting with fulgrim pink as the extreme highlight. I went with a hammered brass look for the spears: brass scorpion washed with agrax earthshade, followed by a light highlight of stormhost silver on the edges. The purple mohawks were genestealer purple, druchi violet, then genestealer purple again, as a highlight. Any face paint was simply pallid witch flesh flowed by some blood for the blood god, made to look like a streaked hand print.

IMG_0096.JPGEverything non-flesh oriented received a primer coat using Rynox Hide spray. While a full write-up of my metal process is coming, I will discuss quickly here. For my orks, I use rynox hide as a base. My goal is to get a really cruddy looking metal, so I think my leadbelcher a little more than normal for my basecoats and I DON’T get a solid coat of it, purposefully. This allows some of that rynox hide to poke through in areas. Then, I use both Agrax eathshade and nuln oil to really make it scummy looking. Then I go straight to stormhost silver only hitting where the light would cause an extreme shine, leaving the rest dingy from the wash. IMG_0090.JPGWheels and pants on all the orks were done the same. I used Dark reaper as a base, washing with nuln oil, then doing a light highlight of dark reaper once more. Skulls and teeth were zandri dust, agrax earthshade and ushabti bone. Yellows were Averland sunset, agrax earthshade, averland sunset again, then Yriel yellow. Leather cuffs and straps were Doombull brown, druchi violet, then mournfang brown. On the bikes, I used palid witch flesh and then waywatcher green glaze over top.IMG_0093.JPGThe red on all models started with a solid base of mephiston Red. Agrax earthshade was used as a shade, with mephiston red going back over as the first highlight. Evil sunz scarlet was lightly used as a highlight. The only deviation here was on any eyes. I used a faint extreme highlight of pallid witch flesh on those. Leadbelcher was used, with a piece of sponge, to create all of the chipped weathering, while sylvaneth dark was used as the dust effect.IMG_0037.jpgThe skin on the warboss was slightly different than the rest, to make him look darker. Yellow ink, agrax earshshade, nuln oil, coeliac greenshade, athonian camoshade, and finally biel tan green made up his skin. The burnt metal on his barrels was added after my usual metal process, by doing some overlapping drybrushing. Brass scorpion, genestealer purple, and macragge blue were the three main colors. I worked them back and forth until reaching a gradient I liked, also lightly adding druchi violet and drakenhof nightshade at edges, between stages to try and assist in the fading.

That is everything! While they may have been wiped from the table on turn four, they DID manage to pull in Best Painted, at the escalation event, which is better than a gaming win for me.

Part 5 will start breaking down the next 250 points. Managed to take a peek in the Mek’s Garage and it looked like some battlewagon parts were being slung around… more to come on that, soon. As always, thanks for reading and feel free to drop any comments or questions if I missed anything.