Welcome back to the ongoing saga that is my Escher gang! If you have read part 1 and 2, you know all about my process in converting and preparing my gang to be painted. Having a few under my belt now, I have a solid process that I plan to take into the rest of the gang, and will share that with you now 🙂

Buck.jpgI decided to start with my Tank Girl inspired ganger, aptly named Buck (Tank Girl’s name being Rebecca Buck). As a side note, it made me happy to be able to arm her with a shotgun, going for the double reference. Buck helped flesh out a lot of the gang color standard that you will see through the rest of the models. There are four standard transitions that I used here; skin, chest, boots/shoulder, and pant/knee colors. The boots and shoulders, except on a couple models, all receive the same color progression. I started with a base coat of The Fang, followed by a wash of Druchi Violet. Once dried I highlighted with The Fang once more, followed by Russ Grey for extreme highlight areas.


The lighter purple that you can see on the pants, shins and boots of Phantra, to the left, were a progression of Daemonette hide, druchi violet, a highlight of daemonette hide with warpfiend grey as the extreme. Their loin cloths, meant to be made from their prison world garb, were all done using deathworld forest as a base, athonian camoshade to shade, elysian green as highlight and ogryn camo on the extreme edges. Belts and straps were rynox hide, agrax earthshade, gorthor brown and then baneblade brown. Bone saw a traditional Zandri dust, seraphim sepia and then ushabti bone highlight. Eye makeup was simply Dark Reaper, while Phantra’s mask was a layer of

IMG_2051.JPGwaywatcher green, gauss blaster green highlight with  evil sunz scarlet for the freehand. The tops/chest armor was a progression of glazing and shading to get the blending seen. Incubi darkness went on as a base, with carroburg crimson going on the under shade area of the chest to give a richer shade. Thin glazes of kabalite green and then sybarite green went on to form gradient highlighting, with coeliac greenshade used to tie in transitions. Skintone started with Bugman’s glow, followed by Riekland Fleshshade as a wash. Cadian Fleshtone started the base highlight, with kislev flesh forming the extreme highlight and, in areas like noses and knuckles, flayed one flesh used for a higher extreme. lips were simply bugmans glow with carroburg crimson washed over.


The faint shaved stubble on many of their heads, as seen on our sneering Juve, was achieved through glazing a 50/50 combination of mechanicus standard grey and kislev flesh, then changing it to a 2:1 ratio, heavier on the flesh tone. Flayed one flesh was used to give a scar here and there on the scalp. Eyes were nothing more than fleyed one flesh with rynox hide as the pupils, and eyebrows saw rynox as the color of choice, as well.

This covers most every color scheme on my Escher, thus far. Please feel free to comment or ask any specific questions, if I didn’t cover something that you want to know about. Thanks for reading 🙂